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Where your money goes

December 8, 2009

Most OECD countries have seen huge rises in public debt during the crisis. That’s going to have to be repaid eventually, which is going to mean higher taxes or lower spending or – more likely – both. So, government spending priorities are set to be a hot topic over the next few years. To get a sense of current priorities, take a look at this interactive graphic on the OECD Factblog.

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  1. Matthew Alexander permalink
    December 9, 2009 06:56

    It’s a sad commentary that the leading (arguably) developed nation in the world, the United States, lags in social protection, education, culture, and environment sectors of government spending relative to GDP, but surpasses all nations in defense/military expenditure.

  2. jeff winograd permalink
    December 9, 2009 09:50

    Our world’s obsession with trying to create an ever-growing economy has led us to continually look for new exploits so that profits keep rising. But now we’re starting to see our choices lead us down dangerous roads as the world, through the natural course of human progression, becomes ostensibly a smaller place to exist. Our passion for “more” seems to be finally catching up with us and as our overall spending rises, we’re seeing the difficulty in balancing the choices we face. Sadly, our lack of ability to see clearly is going to lead to further problems in the future if we’re not careful.

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